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Workshops are held in Athens and, during the summer, in the island of Paros, Greece.
All three workshops are aimed at serious practitioners of photography. Participation requires a good understanding of the technical issues of photography, as they are not addresed throughout the duration of all three workshops. Theoretical or artistic education, although welcome, is not necessary. Absolutely essential is your love for Photography.


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- Developing a personal vision

How do we photograph? What do we include in our frame, what not, and why? While taking photographs are we thinking or reacting? Do we see through the eyes of photographers we admire, our tutors or our own? Do we create or imitate? What is our relationship with our subject?

This four days workshop will encourage participants into trusting themselves photographically; to follow their instincts and passions as a way to strengthen their direction and personal vision.
Each participant submits a portfolio of 15 to 20 photographs. At first, we study and discuss this portfolio in a personal meeting, trying to pinpoint what is it that attracts his or hers photographic interest and how it could be better approached. Later, each portfolio is presented in class and discussed with the participants. By reviewing each other's work and participating in critiques, students will expand their understanding of photography and their own personal work. Discussions and critiques will focus on the development of each one as a photographer, identifying both strengths and weaknesses. Theories on art history and the nature of photography as an art form are presented, as well as methodologies and possible directions. Subsequently we go out photographing together, trying to stay " true " to what has been discovered during the discussion. Each participant's subject may be either what he/she has chosen beforehand or what came up from exploring their portfolio.
The ultimate goal of this workshop is not so much the acquisition of a particular photographic style, technique or approach as the exploration of our relationship with life as we see it before us, and therefore our subject, through photography.



- Photography in everyday life

The objective of this workshop is for the photographer to realize that, despite the usual heavy daily program, there is still room for photography, and also that it is far more important to learn and discipline following a way and a working method towards a better photography, than to gain a few good pictures for his wall.

The workshop lasts 15 days and consists of two parts.
Photographing daily and reviewing all the photos during the meetings.
Photographing in everyday situations during the week and reviewing all photos during the weekends, have the result of combining any artistic education and/or theoretical views with the photographic practice.
Critique is directly related to the specific body of work, and the experience level of each participant, as they emerge through the photographs presented, aiming at his/hers personal photographic improvement.



- The personal project

Participants in this workshop are asked to limit themselfs by spending as much photographic time as possible on a project of their choice, the topic of which we will discover together.

Photography is a medium that allows us to turn to our personal stories, to discover and describe them to ourselves. Usually, however, we consume our time in hunting striking images, neglecting the one thing with which we are a priori connected. Our daily lives, our personal stories. Stories that can be born from joy or sorrow, can be true or fictional. All they have in common, and also the essential factor, is that are strongly felt by their creator. So how can we turn them into a personal project?
The challenge is to avoid generalities and clichés, and by searching the specific and the personal, to discover the unique.
During class meetings, and through peer review, we will discuss the creative vision and practices that will help our photographic journey. Based on the photos presented, we will devote time in exchanging ideas on the photographic approach, and we will consider the work of photographers who have used personal experience as vehicle. The workshop lasts two weekends and during the week I will have personal meetings with each of the participants in order to discuss how he/she can proceed with his/her work further, avoiding repetition.



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A short bio ...


Panayotis (Panos) Kasimis is a freelance photographer and photography teacher.
He studied photography in Berlin (1987), Athens (1988-'89) and London (1991-'93).
He has exhibited his work in solo exhibitions in Rome (2014), Athens (2015, 2014, 2009 and 2001), Juneau, Alaska (2005), Eindhoven, Holland (1997), and group exhibitions in Instabul (2014), Athens (2012, 2007, 2003, 1994, '93) and London (1994, '93, and '91).
His work has been published in noumerous magazines ("Jazz & jazz", "Greek Constructions", "Cosmos Travel", "My Child & Me") and two books: "Days Away" (2009) and "Urban Diaries" (2013).
He has organised and taught seminars and workshops for children (“Kids & Family Festival, Athens, 2010), and adults (The American Embassy in Athens, 2014 - National Bank of Greece, 2013 - Deutsche Telekom, Pylos, Greece 2011).
He has taught photography at "Diathlasi" (diffraction) Cultural Group of the Municipality of Dafni, Athens (1998-2000), at the "Ionian" (2001) and the 1st Prototype Lyceum of Athens (2014) high schools.
In 2001, together with eight more friends and former students he founded the photograhic club "Ennea".
In June 2013 he founded the Center of Creative Photography in Athens, where he teaches photography until today.
He lives and works in Athens, Greece.


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